My book tells the story of a young boy growing up in Alaska under the tutelage of a Special Forces Survival instructor who introduced the boy to wolves and the splendor of nature’s wisdom, taught him the value of courage, overcoming adversity, and why we should love others before ourselves.  That boy was me.

After listening to over two dozen narrators, I heard Lewis’ voice coming from my computer. Except, it wasn’t Lewis’ voice. It was my mentor’s, and suddenly, fifty years were erased, and the man I loved beyond the ability of words to convey and the memories of our adventures together, came back to life. After the project was completed, my wife and I sat and listened to the entire book. We both laughed and cried as Lewis’s voice carried me like a spring wind coming down from Brook’s mountain range and back to the Alaskan wilderness."
— Bryan Bailey, author, “Embracing the Wild in Your Dog”

In addition to having beautiful voice quality, Lewis is a storyteller. For an historical documentary bound for public television broadcast, we were looking for more than a narrator — someone who could emotionally invest the project and bring the subtle inflections that only come from a voice actor who truly understands the story. His preparation was remarkable. The result is a masterful performance, beyond our hopes, that turned a good story into a great one. As my co-producer said, "He nailed it!" And, what a pleasure to work with such a gentleman!
— Jamie Koelker, producer, “The Planter at the Gate”

Lewis did a terrific job.  He was very easy to work with — delivered on time, on budget and the quality of the production was technically flawless. His attention to details i.e. accent, pronunciation of names and places was greatly appreciated. Lewis was a joy to work with.  We were very pleased!
— Bo Brock, author, “Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere”

Lewis was exceptional in his delivery and perfectly captured the expression that we were looking for! We will definitely be working with him again!
—Greg Otterholt, producer, “Today and Tomorrow”

Photo by Tina Bromberg

Photo by Tina Bromberg